December 3, 2016


  • What Should I Do if I Have a Car Accident?

    Even a minor car accident needs to be taken very seriously. You may not feel like you have been injured, but you must entertain the notion that injury has occurred. There have been many times where people have been injured in a car accident and did not realize it until days later. They often regret not having taken the proper steps to ensure their health and to protect themselves financially.

    law firm that specializes in car accident resolutionYour first concern should be for your health. You need to be taken to a hospital if serious injury has occurred. Even if only minor injuries happened, you should still at least be seen by a doctor.

    If you are not seriously injured, then you want to take time to get the other driver’s information, if there is another driver involved in the accident. You also want to report the incident to the police and to your insurance company. You may be eligible for payment from your insurance company or from the other driver’s insurance company, depending on the circumstances and the coverage both you and the other driver have.

    Insurance payouts can take care of not just the cost of repairing your car, but also your medical bills, in some instances. If the other driver is at fault, you may be entitled to a reimbursement from them for medical expenses, even if their insurance doesn’t cover those kinds of expenses.

    That’s why you want to write down a detailed account of what happened as soon as you can, while it is fresh in your memory. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, if you are able. Take pictures of your car, your injuries and the surrounding area.

    Make sure you keep a copy of the police report, especially if the police determine the other driver was at fault. That report can be the most effective evidence to support your insurance claim, should you need to file a claim or should the case make its way to court.

    If you can, it’s a good idea to work out the details of repayment with the other driver, without involving lawyers. That way, you can avoid a lot of fees, hassle and extra time. If they do agree to terms with you, then make sure you get those terms in writing and with both of your signatures attached. All of this may seem like a lot of work, but it will save you trouble later on.

    However, there are times when agreement just can’t be reached.  When you’re at loggerheads, an established law firm can make all the difference in terms of what you lose or recover.

  • How Do Bail Bonds Work?

    out-of-jailIf you got arrested would you know how to get yourself out of jail? You could employ the services of a lawyer, but that only works for court appearances. The best a lawyer can achieve for you on a first appearance is to argue for the judge to grant you bail. However, the setting of bail is only the first hurdle in the process.

    To be released from jail you need to pay the amount of bail set by the judge, and dependent on the crime and your previous character, the amount of bond could be anywhere between $2000 and $50000. Before you are released, you would need to pay the entire amount, and it is rare for anyone to have this sort of money readily available. Admittedly the money doesn’t have to be paid in cash, you could let the court take a lean on your home for instance, but the harsh reality is finding the most appropriate solution will be difficult when you are already stressed and sitting in a prison cell.

    So unless you have a wealthy relative who is willing to pay the bail on your behalf, your options are very limited. The most common solution that people in this type of situation turn to is a Norwalk bail bonds company, click here. For a generous fee, typically somewhere in the region of 10 to 20 percent of the bail amount, a bail bonds company will pay the bail for you in full. This will then ensure that you are released from prison relatively quickly, and hopefully, you are then free to concentrate on your defense.

    However, there are a few things to be aware of, the biggest of which is that the fee you pay to a bail bonds company is non-refundable. Regardless of the outcome of the case, even if it transpires that the police made a mistake and arrested the wrong person, you will still end up losing that initial expenditure.

    Secondly unlike a friend or family member, if you decide to skip bail, you can rest assured that the bail bonds company will come after you to recover their expenditure. If they find you and return you to the court, then they will be reimbursed the full amount of the bail minus certain administrative costs. So as you can see, they have every incentive to track you down and bring you back to court.

    In many circumstances, they will use the services of a bounty hunter, and simply add the cost of that to the overall bill you will eventually owe. While all of the above may sound negative, the reality is that bail bonds companies serve a useful purpose, and that provided you fulfill you end of the deal, they are your best option for getting out of jail. Just remember that first and foremost they are a business, not a charity, and so they will not take kindly to anyone that decides to skip bail and leave them holding the bill.

  • Why Even Immigration through Marriage Could Benefit from an Immigration Lawyer

    books about immigration lawMost people understand that immigrating to the United States is made much easier if the immigrating person marries a US citizen. This is considered a “fast track” to Green Card status. While it may make it simple to get a Green Card, full citizenship is much trickier and more involved.

    What most people don’t realize is that the immigrating spouse and the US citizen spouse both have substantial parts to play in the entire process. The US citizen, in particular, has responsibilities that most people don’t even know about until they start this process. The spouse will have to prove that he or she is able to provide support for the immigrating spouse, and that support has to be independent of what the immigrating spouse can provide.

    The citizen spouse also has to establish domicile, which means that they have to show they have permanent connections in the US. This is an entire process to itself, and it has no set guidelines, which can make it tricky for some couples to handle. It becomes even trickier if the couple lives outside the US and is trying to immigrate back.

    Because the immigration process can be quite complicated, those that are considering going through this process should get as much help as they can. Through the website they can find a reliable immigration lawyer located in Carson City. This experienced professional will be able to help them navigate the murky waters of immigration law, including sorting out citizen status and establishing domicile.

    What the immigration lawyer brings to the table is this- years of experience and extensive knowledge about immigration law. The United States has some of the most stringent requirements for immigration in the world. Even allowing visitors from other countries to come into the US is something that is taken very seriously and requires any potential visitors to go through a lot of hoops.

    Dealing with all the paperwork and the legal requirements of immigration can be difficult on your own. You don’t want to pursue the wrong course of action or fail to file the appropriate paperwork. Doing so can actually reset your entire immigration application. That’s because failing to follow up with the immigration officer in charge of your case in an appropriate timeframe can cause the entire process to restart for you and all your work up to that point to become invalid. That means all the fees you paid will have to be paid again.

    If you are going to avoid all of that and the many other potential pitfalls and hurdles that come with immigration, then you need to seriously consider hiring an immigration lawyer. This specialist will be able to help you move through the process much faster and ensure that you aren’t missing anything vital.

  • The Implications of a Sexual Assault Charge

    man imprisoned for sex crimesAs a heinous sex crime, sexual assault is considered a very serious conviction. Those convicted of sexual assault will have to face numerous serious consequences that could have lasting effect upon their entire lives. It is important for those facing this sentence as well as for those seeking legal recourse to know the full impact of a sexual assault conviction. Consequences may vary from state to state.

    Immediate Consequences of a Sexual Assault Charge

    Sexual assault is a felony crime, and most convictions result in a lengthy jail sentence, which can have its own consequences with regard to future employability and quality of life. You will have to register as a sex offender, your family and community reputation will suffer, and you will find yourself increasingly isolated from the rest of society. Depending on the severity of your sexual assault, you could even be imprisoned for life.

    Lasting Consequences of a Conviction for a Sex-Related Assault

    Even if you are eventually freed from jail, you will still have to live with the social stigma of being a sex offender for a very long time. In the state of New York, for instance, even minor sex offenders are on the list for twenty years following their conviction. More serious offenders are classified for life. Consequences of this classification include:

    • Severe restrictions on where you live, i.e. ban on living within a certain distance of schools or certain neighborhoods
    • Requirements to inform neighborhood residents of your sex offender status
    • Forfeiture of your right to bear arms
    • Necessity to report every 1-3 years to your local police office for a current photograph
    • Necessity to report any new address to police authorities
    • Necessity to provide your Internet service provider, online screen name and email accounts to police authorities

    Sex offenders may be required to be in contact with the police for the rest of their lives. This is designed to ensure the safety of the rest of the population. If you are mounting a defense, consider Boan Law, an Orlando law firm to defend against sex crimes.

  • What’s an Estate Planning Attorney?

    estate-planningAn estate planning attorney is a lawyer who specializes in the process of helping you to decide what to do with your material assets and any dependents you might have, in the event of your total disability or death. There are entire law firms which specialize in estate planning, and this isn’t because it’s particularly lucrative or sound in the face of the many other legal specializations in existence. Estate planning is something that most people find to be extremely uncomfortable; they don’t like the idea of confronting the eventuality of their own deaths, so they let it slide, and there is – unfortunately – an abundance of “common wisdom” which tells them that this is perfectly alright; “you don’t need a plan for your estate unless you’re elderly.” “You don’t need a plan for your state unless you’re independently wealthy.” “You don’t need to worry about this – the state will handle it.”

    The state will handle it – but any lawyer or other legal expert will tell you that you aren’t going to like how that goes down. If the state handles the processing of your estate after your death, your assets and possessions – whatever those might be – are going to be liquidated. The thing about liquidating assets is that it involves reducing them into cash as quickly as possible. If you have a property that’s worth three hundred thousand dollars, you aren’t going to get three hundred thousand dollars for it through liquidating – particularly if the state handles the process for you. You might get twenty thousand dollars, maybe thirty. Your spouse, and any dependent loved ones, are going to be left high and dry and without recourse, should something happen to you when you’re young enough for that to be a consideration.

    Are you a single parent? If you don’t have estate planning in place that includes provisions for who is going to take care of your children after you are gone, the state will determine in detached and impersonal fashion exactly what it considers to be best for them. Immediate relatives and friends are not likely to have any say in the matter. Lawyers make people uncomfortable, as does the prospect of considering their own vulnerability – not to mention their mortality, but in this case a licensed legal counselor will be able to avert an enormous amount of confusion and uncertainty in advance of what is certain to already be a difficult and painful situation for your survivors. Whatever degree of reassurance and peace of mind you can provide through taking the step of determining in advance how you want your assets to be divided, and who you want to have take care of your children, is absolutely worth the cost of soliciting legal advice from a trained and experienced attorney. The price of a few moments of discomfort is a small one to pay, before you allow your lawyer to reassure you of the wisdom and necessity of the decisions you are making now (in lieu of allowing someone who neither knows nor cares about you to make them later).

  • Auto Accident Attorneys Can Protect Your Assets

    Auto Accident Attorneys Can Protect Your AssetsAccidents are perhaps among the scariest experiences you will ever go through. For one thing, physical injury, even when it is minor, reminds us of the fragility of life. Besides, many accidents represent life-threatening situations that either put our own lives at risk or other people’s. When this is the case, we may become paralyzed, just by thinking about what could happen to us if another person’s life was lost because of us. Whatever the case, an experienced attorney, like Dan Pocklington is our best choice when it comes to professional counseling.

    Why Hire an Attorney at Pocklington law Offices?

    There are many reasons why you should seek legal help, but the most outstanding ones involve choosing only the best car accident lawyer.

    Restore Peace of Mind: Accidents are generally fast and take place within seconds. The aftermath however, is quite a different story. Most people feel that the time that takes place between the actual accident and its solution seems to tick by so slowly. Only a well-trained and experienced attorney is able to soothe the distress caused by the accident. In addition, they can help you navigate through endless DMV procedures and police interrogation stages. Moreover, they specialize in tracking down other motorists or witnesses that have been involved in the accident. Finally, you can forget about insurance companies and their claims: they are fully-prepared to do all that paperwork for you.

    Make the Wrongs become Rights: If you have been injured in a car accident yourself, attorneys at Pocklington Law will make sure that you get immediate attention. Secondly, you need to be informed about what your rights are and how they can be restored to you, right away. Rest assured that restitution will come to you, but only if you have found the right attorney. If on the other hand, the accident you have been involved in has caused other people to become injured, you need to contact a car accident attorney right away. It is only through their expertise that your rights will be protected by means of a well-planned defense. But most of all, having the right attorney will help you to understand the process all along.

    Save Money: Even when you may think that attorney services can be too expensive for you. In the long run, you will learn that the money you spent on attorney fees was an investment truly. After all, if it weren’t for their advice, you would not have been able to settle with the other party, or maybe the insurance company would not have been so keen on paying what they did. Or even worse, you could be in prison, and broke by now.

    Rounding Off

    Consider all the drawbacks involved in a car accident. Why would you want to add the extra stress of not having proper counseling? The truth is that experience shows that coming out clear of a car accident is highly unlikely when an individual faces the situation themselves, with proper help however, the situation is completely different.

  • The Value of a Good DUI Defense

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    When a person is charged with DUI, many thoughts come pouring into their minds. Even when we are all different in many ways, the most typical reaction is generally linked to a feeling of having been wronged or misjudged. The harsh truth is that whether you like it or not, you have a charge on you. Instead of wasting precious time and energy trying to convince people that a mistake was made, the best approach would be to look for the best possible attorney who will be in charge of presenting a good defense. The best choice would be to look for professionals who have a vast DUI defense experience in Illinois. Such is the case of attorneys Gruszeczki and Smith, two very widely-experienced lawyers who used to be former prosecutors.

    Why is a Good Defense Important?

    To say that a good defense is valuable is an understatement. The value of a good defense is linked to our future in so many different ways. If an initial charge were to become a conviction, many vital aspects of our lives would be deeply affected. Some of the difficulties faced by people who have actually been convicted with DUI include apparently simple aspects, such as the loss of your driver’s license to more serious complications, like the loss of educational and job opportunities. Moreover, if there is a conviction, the driver will be requested to spend time in prison. These are some of the many ways in which our initial charge could affect our lives: unless of course, we take the necessary precautions. As was mentioned earlier, the best way to build a good defense is to turn to professional attorneys who have been thoroughly trained in these matters. Remember that not all lawyers know how to deal with a case of DUI. Gruszeczki and Smith on the other hand, have a wide experience and training.

    Good Defense: Basic Steps

    The first goal a good defense attorney will go after is to challenge the initial license suspension. Most DUI charges result in suspension of the driver’s license. Either because the tests came back as positive, or because the driver refused to take the tests, the accused driver may lose his driving rights anywhere from 6 months to a year (or even longer). Skilled attorneys have a way to challenge this suspension by proving that one or some of these procedures have been illegally carried out. Sometimes the police arrest drivers based on improper stops. In addition, officers may not have strong reasons to arrest a suspect of DUI, but do it anyway. On occasions, the police fail in the testing procedures or fail to warn motorists the proper way. Attorneys can challenge all or any of these flaws. Moreover, a Statutory Summary Suspension hearing is often demanded to defeat suspensions based on faulty procedures.

    Presentation of Evidence

    If you take a look at Gruszeczki and Smith attorney profiles, you will learn that they know exactly what to expect at court. Should a trial actually take place, there will be evidence presented by the prosecution by means of witnesses, such as the police officers themselves. The power to challenge evidence at trial is something only a good defense attorney can provide.

  • How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

    Bankruptcy-Court.jpgThe United States Government recommended the assistance of a good lawyer while filing bankruptcy, and we believe that Shaw Defense in Fort Worth is an excellent example. How to find a good bankruptcy lawyer?

    Debtors are always at a crossroads when attempting to choose the right legal help when it comes to filing bankruptcy. Most of the debtors are worried about attorney fee, for them the good news is that free legal help is available. Just check out if you are eligible for free legal services. This is called pro bono legal services. The information is available with the state or local bar association. Law schools have legal clinics that offer legal services for free. Contact information on pro bono service programs is available on court websites.

    Some of the information centers on legal resources include American Bar Association, the Legal Services Corporation or the bankruptcy court website. If you can afford legal help it is best to choose the right lawyer that has ample experience in bankruptcy case. Talk to more than one lawyer to be sure that you have scope for comparison. Do not signup with the first lawyer you meet. Give it a thought. Browse online for a list of bankruptcy lawyers. All information including contact information, background details can be collected from The next stop would be your local bar association. Family and friends can also be of great support while helping you choose the right attorney.

    Once you have shortlisted a few prominent names in your locality the next step would be to compare. Visiting the attorney’s website can provide all the information you need about the lawyer. Check if there is anything adverse about the attorney. Information about the cases they have handled previously can be of great help in making a quick choice. Call the attorney over phone or talk to them in person to clarify your doubts about their experience. Check with the bar association if the attorney holds a legal license to practice in the state.

    Call a licensed bankruptcy attorney. There are specialists in bankruptcy laws and they can be of the right help. The state bar association can help identify such specialists.

    The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys or the local bankruptcy attorney association may be the right place if you do not want to divert your focus. There are many types of bankruptcy, those with specialization in your type of bankruptcy can be of great help in filing bankruptcy with ease. Finalize on the cost, some charge on hourly basis and some on service basis. Choose whichever is pocket-friendly.

  • Is Domestic Violence a Felony?

    Family LawA domestic violence incident can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, dependent largely upon two crucial factors discussed below.  But with the punishments fluctuating greatly among the States, no defense can be considered in any way routine and you will want to take attorney selection quite seriously.  Expect to put effort into discussing your case with more than one firm (and probably with a free initial consultation) to make sure that you find the right fit.

    Grozinger Family law is a domestic violence lawyer in Orlando that should rise to the top of your list.  They are staffed by experienced and well trained experts with a background steeped in family law and criminal defense.  We reached out to them for a summary on the subject.

    The separation between a misdemeanor charge and a felony often depends upon the severity of the injury and whether the accused has a criminal history. Most states will also upgrade the penalties if the victim is a child.

    Domestic violence unfortunately is not infrequent. It may include a number of different charges, but frequently entails a recent or past intimate relationship between the injured party and suspect that results in allegations of personal or psychological injuries. The penalties for domestic violence also differ based primarily upon the kind of battery, the injury inflicted, illegal past of the accused, and the age of the victim.

    Some examples of domestic violence include assault, battery, stalking, child abuse and abandonment, elder abuse, and threats of violence.

    The Fallout of Domestic Violence Allegations

    Many domestic violence crimes apply to spouses or former spouses who carry out disparaging behavior toward the other, which triggers one spouse attacking the other and inflicting a noticeable injury. Charges for domestic violence can also be levied against dating partners, cohabitants, past dating partners, or a cohabitant.

    Other offenses involve young children that are injured while being punished by a parent, sitter, or anyone entrusted with a child’s safekeeping. Child endangerment also includes placing or enabling the child to be in a risky situation, like authorizing a boyfriend to physically beat a child or to carry on a drug operation out of your home.

    Threats of brutality that the prey perceives as intended to inflict significant corporal damage can be effected on any individual. In the context of domestic violence, it will relate to ongoing or ex-spouses or dating partners, parents, children, and cohabitants.


  • How to Evaluate the Best Available DUI Attorney

    Dui AttorneyThe after effects of DUI charges can be devastating. It could dampen your reputation, leave you financially drained and eat into your peace of mind. In many states, there is a mandatory minimum jail sentence or suspension of license for a DUI offense. In the case of imprisonment, loss of license and heavy penalties it’s best to seek professional advice. Contact a DUI attorney immediately. They are not easy to come by but an Orlando DUI attorney that stands out is Ladan Law.

    Do the ground work and get the right contacts. Check with friends and family on a reliable DUI attorney. Verify their credentials and get all your doubts clarified before signing on the dotted lines. Any attorney can represent you in court or at the motor license office but remember that not all lawyers have the expertise to give you instant relief. It is best to check with experienced DUI lawyers.

    Before zeroing in on a DUI attorney, it is best to make a list of potential lawyers in your locality. Check the yellow pages or avail online directory assistance. Many offer free case evaluation. This will give you an idea of the intensity of your case, how best it can be tackled and if the lawyer will be able to pull it off. Narrow your search to attorneys that have specialized DUI skills. This way you can limit your search to a small number by removing those who are not competent in dealing with DUI laws.

    While making a choice, check for referrals. Talk to their previous clients and find out if they are able to give you a positive feedback on their services. It is important to know their ethical conduct. Also, it is important to find out if it is a big law firm with a DUI department or a law firm that is solely dedicated to DUI activities. Finally, you need to find out their reputation with the prosecutor.

    The best place to look out for a DUI attorney is on the Bar’s website. Every state has a bar website, and finding a licensed attorney for your state becomes easier. This also gives a sneak peek into their disciplinary background. Better Business Association is also the right place to conduct your search. This can give you complete background information on the attorney and his firm. Meet the attorney in person and discuss the case. Talk to a few before finalizing on one. Check with the legal service rates and the comfort level, as these are crucial in making a decision.